How to Update BIOS on Windows 10?

Hello Everyone,Please let me know How to update BIOS on Windows 10? I tried many times but can't update.So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.

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Update BIOS on Windows 10

You must be well aware of the fact that BIOS forms the key component of any system allowing you to progressively change the hardware settings without starting Windows. Integrated with many advanced features, some users may even update BIOS on Windows 10 in order to get access to new features.

For some who find the difficulty in updating BIOS, we have this useful guide for you which covers three different methods to update BIOS on Windows 10 systems. Here you go one by one.

Method 1:  Update from BIOS

This is one direct and simple method to update BIOS on Windows 10 where motherboard manufacturers allow you to flash your BIOS simply by accessing it and choosing the update option. In order to perform this method, you have to move the downloaded BIOS update to a USB flash drive. Just ensure that  any other files are available on the drive. Now you need to connect the USB flash drive to your PC and access BIOS.

If you want to access BIOS during the boot sequence, press the appropriate key, mostly Del or some other F key. Next, wait for the message that tells you to press a certain key to enter SETUP.

  • If that doesn’t work, follow the given steps to access BIOS: 
  • As Windows 10 starts, launch the Start Menu and click the Power button.
  • Keep holding the Shift key and select the Restart option.
  • With a list of several options, choose the Troubleshoot option.
  • Now, click on Advanced options and then UEFI Firmware Settings.
  • Next, click the Restart button and your computer should now start booting to BIOS.
  • After entering into BIOS, check for the BIOS update option and select it. Here, you have to select the BIOS update file from your USB flash drive and then wait while the BIOS updates.

Method 2: Create a DOS USB drive

Another method to update BIOS on Windows 10 is to create a DOS drive. Though this way of flashing BIOS is a bit complicated. As this process needs you to create a bootable USB flash drive and to copy a new version of BIOS to the drive as well.Additionally, you will need a script that will flash the BIOS. Once done, this file is saved in the archive with your BIOS update and it will have .exe or .bat extension. While for some cases you will have to separately download this script. 

For creating a bootable USB drive with a DOS system, you have to use third-party tools such as Rufus. Using this tool, you can format the drive and ensure to check Create a bootable disk using FreeDOS option. Following that, transfer the BIOS update file and installation script to the USB drive and restart your PC

Finally, you can boot your PC from the USB drive and then run the setup script using DOS. As this is an advanced way, so we recommend you check your motherboard manual for detailed instructions on how to execute that.

Method 3: Use Windows-based programs

The above process might become complicated for you if you are using a DOS program. In this case, you might want to consider using a Windows-based application. Like many motherboard manufacturers provide BIOS update applications that allow you to update BIOS on Windows 10 using a simple graphic interface.

Although this is the simplest method to update BIOS on Windows 10 but potentially might create certain issues with it. As the installed software can interfere with this process and cause the BIOS update process to fail. This is because security programs often interfere with the BIOS update process leading to all sorts of problems.

So, it is recommended to disable them completely while flashing your BIOS. Moreover, any system crash or freeze might also affect the update process, so it's better to use some other method to update BIOS on Windows 10. Mostly, Motherboard manufacturers recommend the best method to update your BIOS, so make sure to follow that method.

So, recheck before you start with any update process. Many BIOS update tools are available to save or back up your current BIOS to be used in near future. It's not necessary that you update BIOS on Windows 10 as you can cause irreversible damage to your motherboard if you don’t do it properly. But in case of hardware issues, the only solution is to update your BIOS after properly reading up the manual instructions only. 

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