Why is my Touchpad not Working Windows 10?

Hello Everyone,Please let me know Why is my touchpad not Working Windows 10? I tried many times but not working.So Can anyone have any idea? Help me.

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Touchpad not Working Windows 10

Are you troubled with the 'Touchpad not working Windows 10' issue? There can be different scenarios when your system touchpad stops working. Sometimes, the touchpad stops working out of the blue and the other time the touchpad works intermittently or is unable to recognize your gestures correctly. While the issue certainly occurs after the system software updates in most of the cases. So, lets check out some useful solutions to fix the same.

Solutions to fix 'Touchpad not working Windows 10' problem 

Method 1: Refresh Touchpad

If your touchpad not working Windows 10, then you can try this first method of reviving the touchpad.

1) Go to the path: Start button >> Settings >> Devices. 

2) Now, select the Mouse & Touchpad option and scroll down a bit to select Additional mouse options. 

3) Now, as the Mouse Properties window opens, go to the furthest right option (option name is Device Settings or ELAN). Do make sure that the touchpad is enabled. 

4) Over some laptops, the tab is named as ELAN or Device Settings or the brand name + Touchpad. So, you need to check what's the right option here. 

5) Next, you have to select the touchpad that is listed here, and then click on the Enable button. 

6) Check and find if there is a functional key that enables or disables the touchpad for your laptop. If you are unsure about which one is the button, then go to the support website of your laptop manufacturer for seeking help.

Method 2: Change Touchpad Settings

As the other method to touchpad not working Windows 10 problem, you can configure the Touchpad settings. Either your touchpad cursor is moving too fast or too slow, or that the touchpad is so sensitive to register phantom clicks or gestures mistakenly. Sometimes, it becomes too insensitive making you repeat yourself. To fix this, just follow the instructions given.

1) Navigate to: Start button >> Settings >> Devices. 

2) On the left side panel, select Mouse & Touchpad option and scroll down to choose Additional mouse options. 

3) As the Mouse Properties window opens, click on the Pointers Options tab. Under the Select a pointer speed section, toggle the slider around to find a speed that works for you better. Thereafter, press the Apply and OK button to save the change. 

4) Under the Buttons tab, toggle the slider below the Double-click speed section which selects the suitable speed for you. Apply and OK to save the setting.

5) Return back to the System Settings window and then select the Mouse & Touchpad option shown on the left side. Then, set the delay option under Touchpad to Long delay option.

6) Now we are required to configure some changes to the settings of your laptop touchpad. The settings might vary for different brands.

Navigate to the Setting or Properties interface for your touchpad and check for options that enable you to disable tapping and zoom features. 

Method 3: Update Drivers

The last solution which you can try for touchpad not working Windows 10 issue is updating the current drivers. In most cases, the device doesn't work properly due to faulty or outdated device drivers. Hence the solution is quite simple, updating the device driver will do the needful.

1) Press Windows key and X key together and then choose Device Manager. 

2) Expand this category Mice and other pointing devices. Now, double click on the touchpad device driver which is listed here. 

3) Jump to the Driver tab and then click on the Update Driver Software option.

4) Next, select Search automatically for updated driver software.

5) So, this step will automatically install the updated drivers for your device.

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