How do I Find out Roku Pin?

Hello Guys, Please let me know how do I find out Roku pin? I tried many times but failed So can anyone has any idea? Help me.

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Find out Roku Pin

You already are well aware of the fact that whenever you purchase a Roku streaming player, the device has to be linked to the Roku account so that you can purchase various channel subscription from the Roku Channel Store. An authentication pin is required while purchasing these channels from the store. 

A PIN, which means a Personalised Identification Number is generated to prevent the purchase of items from the Roku Channel Store by unauthorized users who don't actually belong to a Roku account. 

For authorizing transactions via Roku Channel Store, a PIN is created, correctly entered, and finally confirmed to complete the store transactions. But how to find out Roku PIN is? 

Below Given are the Instructions, How to Find Roku Pin and Reset Roku PIN or Update Roku PIN.

1. Visit the Official Website of Roku:

Type ‘’ in the address bar of your browser and click Enter to visit the official Roku website. Now you will be redirected to a page where you can perform various activities related to your Roku device. But for this, you have to access your account which is the user account. 

2. Sign in to your Roku Account:

Once you are at the official website of Roku, you have to access your account in order to configure various settings for your purchased Roku device. For this, you have to enter the user email ID and password in the provided form fields and then you can sign in to your account panel. 

If required, you can also use the ‘remember me’ and a ‘forgot password’ link provided on the same login page to get back your account credentials. After signing in, head towards the My Account option under the Main Menu section of the store. 

3. Select Update in Roku:

Here you have to select the Update button under the PIN preference section. This Update option offers three choices for updating the PIN. Just after selecting this Update option, you will be redirected to the Choose your PIN preference section. The section lists three different options:

  • Require a 4-digit PIN to add any channel, even free channels.

  • Require a 4-digit PIN only when making a purchase.

  • Do not require a PIN when adding channels or making a purchase.

4. Verify Roku PIN:

  • In case you have opted for any of the first two options then you will be asked to create a 4-digit PIN number in the PIN field.
  • Now, re-enter the Roku PIN into the next field so as to confirm the 4-digit PIN number that you want to set for your Roku account.
  • Click on Continue to proceed further and finish the process of setting Roku PIN.

Note: Roku PIN is considered as a crucial key because without knowing a correct PIN number, no free or paid channels can be added to your account. So anyone who goes to the Roku Channel Store will require the PIN to add or purchase desired channels.

This PIN is required when you are adding channels from the device itself. The PIN is not required in case you want to add Hidden Channels from the website.

5. Save Changes:

Once after entering your Roku PIN and verifying it, you can click on the ‘Save changes’ option to save the settings. The new PIN is now generated, registered, and saved to your account.

Following these simple instructions, one can easily reset their Roku Account PIN. Remember that the Roku account PIN is a piece of important account information which is confidential and needs to be kept private from any stranger or unauthorized person. 

Roku Pin is a kind of security element that you can implement to restrict unauthorized channel purchases from the store. Someone who knows your Roku PIN or has access to your Roku PIN might misuse it for their own purpose which might create various serious threats for you. 

A person who intentionally seeks your Roku account PIN can gain access to your Roku channel, thereby use it to add and purchase various items from the Roku Channel Store without your permission or approval. Hope this post is useful to find out your Roku PIN to access the account services.

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