How to Block a Website on Safari iOS or iPad?

Please let me know that how to block a website on Safari iOS or iPad. I have no idea about blocking websites. Help me.

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Block a Website on Safari iOS or iPad:

Safari is considered the safest browser for iPads and iOS. This browser allows you to time block websites that you may find damaging. Moreover, you can block adult websites on Safari. To control these options, you are required to open the Settings app on your iOS smartphone and then go to Screen Time.

After that, go to Content and Privacy Restrictions. After that, open content restrictions and then select Web content. Then, you can control blocking and allowing the websites. 

People who use iPhones and Macbooks also use the Safari browser for surfing on the internet on a daily basis. If you are a Windows user, then Chrome is the best browser for you. If you don't like using Chome, then Microsoft Edge is the safest option. However, Apple users always prefer Safari because of its amazing features. One of the best features of Safari is blocking the website facility. 

If you are afraid that your children might open websites with objectionable content, then you must block such websites on the devices that your kids are using. Safari allows its users to blacklist or whitelist websites, which will allow you to have complete control over the browsing experience. 

Safari also enables you to block a few websites. You just need to enter the URL in the required field and the website will get blocked. If you wish to limit adult content on your browser, then you can do that as well on Safari. 

How do I Block Adult Content on Safari?

If you have kids at home and they use your phone often, then you would always make sure that they don't end up opening the websites that contain adult content. In order to block the adult content websites on your Safari browser on iPad or iPhone below are the steps that you are required to follow. 

Step 1: Select the Settings icon of your iPhone to launch settings and then choose screen time. 

Step 2:  After that, you need to choose the option of Content & Privacy Restrictions. 

Step 3: Turn on content and privacy restrictions by moving the toggle towards the right. 

Step 4: Then, navigate to content restrictions. 

Step 5: Choose Web Content by going to the content restrictions page. 

Step 6: After that. select Limit Adult Websites to turn on automatic blacklisting of adult websites. 

If you use this feature, then you will be able to block all the websites, which have adult content. However, it won't block websites that are not very popular. 

How should I Block a Website on the Safari Browser?

If you don't want your kids to open some specific websites, then you must block all those websites on Safari. For this, you just need to know the web address of the websites. It is advisable to gather the web addresses of all the websites that you wish to block.

Just copy the web address from the location bar of the browser and then add these web addresses to the blocking list.

Below are the steps that you need to follow to block websites on your Safar browser on iPad or iPhone. 

Step 1: Open the Settings app and then go to the Screen time option. After that, choose the option of Content & Privacy Restrictions. 

Step 2: After that, go to the next page and then select the option of Content Restrictions. After that, select Web Content. 

Step 3: Now, go to the Web Content Page and then go to the Limit Adult Website option. 

Step 4: After that, just paste the URL of the website that you wish to block. 

Step 5: Select Done and then the website will get blocked. 

This is how you block a website on Safari iOS or iPad

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