How to Turn Off Dark Mode in Google Chrome Windows & Mac?

Hello, Please let me know that how to turn off dark mode in Chrome Windows & Mac. I have no idea that how to turn off dark mode. Help me.

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Turn Off Dark Mode in Chrome Windows and MAC :

The dark mode on Google Chrome windows and Mac may turn on automatically or when you put your device in the battery saving mode. Some users find the dark theme welcoming, as it goes easy on the eyes and enhances the battery life of the device.

But the dark mode is definitely not a preferable option for all. Most users want their device screen to remain colorful. So, if Google Chrome on your device has accidentally gone into a dark mode, there is no need to panic. You can bring your homepage, toolbar, settings, and other pages back to the bright mode with a few easy steps.

How can you Disable the Dark Mode in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is a user-friendly browser and new features are added to it regularly. One of these features of Chrome is the dark mode which may be comfortable for some users while for others, it is a nightmare.

The dark theme on your Chrome may get activated automatically or accidentally. We will now explore the different ways to deactivate the dark mode theme on Google Chrome.

Steps to remove the dark mode from Google Chrome on Windows 10 settings:

Step 1: Select the Start button on your Windows 10 PC.

Step 2: Go to the Settings option on the app’s window.

Step 3: Select Personalization and click on Colors on the left sidebar.

Step 4: Choose the Color drop-down to select your own color from the Custom option.

Step 5: If you choose the light mode, all the apps and windows will turn to the light theme and the dark mode will be disabled.

Step 6: The light mode will now be your default app mode for all software on Windows 10 PC.

Please note- You can choose the default mode on your PC as light or dark according to your preference.

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What will You do if Google Chrome’s Dark Mode does Not Turn Off with the Above Steps?

Steps to deactivate Google Chrome Dark mode by using the Target box:

Step 1: Go to Google Chrome’s Desktop and right-click on Shortcut.

Step 2: Select the Properties option.

Step 3: Select and delete the Force dark mode option from the Target box.

Step 4: Click on the Apply button.

Step 5: Now click Ok.

Step 6: The dark mode will be disabled on Chrome.

Steps to Deactivate the Dark Theme on Mac OS -

Step 1: Select System Preferences from the Apple Mac menu.

Step 2: Select the General option under System Preferences.

Step 3: There are three options under this- Light, Dark, and Auto.

Step 4: Click the Light option and the dark mode will be disabled automatically.

Please note- If you cannot deactivate the Dark mode in Chrome Windows and Mac even after following the above steps, check whether you have gone to the incognito option accidentally.

The Incognito mode is dark by default and the icon consists of glasses and a hat. Close the Incognito window on the top right corner of the screen and open the browser in the normal mode. Disabling the Incognito mode will restore your Chrome windows and Mac settings to the Light mode.

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