How to Fix Flash Player Not Working on Chrome?

Please let me know that how to fix Flash Player not working on Chrome. I facing some issues while watching online videos. It's showing me an error in flash player. Help me.

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Fix Flash Player Not Working on Chrome

Flash Player is Adobe’s plugin for Chrome where you can play videos, animations, games, and much more. But recently many users reported an issue of Flash Player Not Working on Chrome. The issue of Adobe Flash Player not working is a common one and can be easily fixed. 

Often the issue occurs when the Flash Player is disabled on the computer or in the Chrome browser. Although Chrome is an outdated technology many websites use it and with the issue, it becomes difficult to have access to the entire content of the website.

There are many easy fixes to resolve the problem of Flash Player Not Working on Chrome. You can try any of the following and see what works for you best.

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1. Enable Flash in Chrome:

Enabling Flash Player in Chrome is amongst the best quick fixes available to allow Flash Player to work perfectly. Start with the following steps to enable Flash in Chrome. 

Step 1: Open Chrome

Step 2: From the top right corner, open Menu and go to Settings.

Step 3: Click on the Privacy and Security tab

Step 4: From the options available on the screen click on content settings. (You can also find this option in Advanced Settings in case it is not available under the Privacy and Security Tab.)

Step 5: Under the option for Site Settings, you will find an option for Flash

Step 6: Open the Flash Tab and unblock if it is blocked. 

Step 7: The settings should have an ask first settings enabled and must be toggled on every time the pop-up appears. 

This should allow you to run the media which was stuck under the error of Flash Player Not Working on Chrome.

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2. Allow Flash for Specific Website:

There is a possibility that despite allowing Flash in Chrome you aren’t able to play or have access to the video and audio of specific websites. For this you can allow Flash Player to run for a specific website. 

Step 1: Open the website for which Flash Plater is not working in Chrome. 

Step 2: View Site Information and then click on Site Settings. 

Step 3: Find the option for Flash in the list and select Allow. 

Step 4: Restart the browser and head to the website again to see if the Flash Player is working.

3. Restart the Flash Plugin:

One of the reasons behind Flash Player Not Working on Chrome could be that the plugin crashed. For this, the best option is to restart the Flash plugin. 

Step 1: On the top right corner, open More Tools and head to Task Manger under the option. 

Step 2: Find and Navigate to the Plugin Broker and select Shockwave Flash and click end process. 

Step 3: Refresh or reload the page and see if the flash player is working. 

This should most probably fix the issue of Flash Player Not Working on Chrome.

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4. Update Chrome:

The outdated version of Chrome can also disengage the Flash player from working properly. You could check for any existing Chrome updates and make sure it’s up to date. 

Step 1: Open settings in Chrome browser and head to the About Chrome section. 

Step 2: At the top if any updates are pending they will be visible. If any updates are available it’ll start the update itself. 

Step 3: Open Chrome again and it will display the message of the browser is up to date. 

Check out any of these to fix Flash Player Not Working on Chrome issue and enjoy videos audios, animations, etc without any trouble.

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