How to Capture Full Page Screenshot on Chrome?

Is there anyone who knows about how to capture full page screenshot on Chrome. I am trying to capture it but don't know how to do this. Help me.

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Capture Full Page Screenshot on Chrome:

We all know that screenshots play a major role in people's lives nowadays. They are important for people belonging to different professional fields such as workers, students, writers, and researchers. Today, we have multiple tools that can help you take various kinds of screenshots.

These screenshots can be of your entire screen or a small part of the screen. Screenshot tools can help us take a screenshot as per our needs. These tools can be a hassle if you wish to take a screenshot of the entire browser page without missing a single detail. Below are the different methods that can help you take full-page screenshots on different devices. 

How to Take a Full-Length Screenshot on Mac? 

The screenshot quality and type are the same on both Windows and Mac. However, the key that is used for taking a screenshot is different. below are the steps that you need to follow if you wish to take a screenshot on Chrome macOS. 

Step 1: Open the Chrome browser on Macbook. 

Step 2: Press the alt+cmd+I on your keyboard. This will open up the developer mode. 

Step 3: Press cmd+shift+I to open various inbuilt commands. 

Step 4: Start looking for the term screenshot in the field. 

Step 5: Choose the right screenshot such as "Capture full-size screenshot". 

This will capture the full-length screenshot of the page and will remain in your local storage. 

How to Take a Full-Page Screenshot on Windows? 

The browser will enable you to take different sizes and then choose the area for capturing a screenshot.

Below-mentioned is the process that you need to follow to take a full-page screenshot of a Windows computer. 

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your Windows computer. 

Step 2: Press the ctrl+Shift+I key on your keyboard to launch the developer mode. 

Step 3: After that, press the ctrl+shift+P keys to open different inbuilt tool commands. 

Step 4: Select the term screenshot for the field. 

Step 5: Choose the proper screenshot action such as capture full-size screenshot.

Once you write this down, you will see a few options. Select the option of capturing full-size screenshot from the options appearing before you. 

When you will click on this link, this will bring an end to the inbuilt screenshotting method. After that, you will be asked to choose your destination folder for saving the screenshot you just captured. If your screenshot gets saved automatically, then open the Downloads folder. 

This inbuilt tool for screenshotting was a long-awaited service. There are various screenshot sizes available in the Chrome browser. These include capturing node screenshots, capturing area screenshots, capturing screenshots, and capturing full-size screenshots. 

This can easily replace third-party screenshot extension tools. You can make things more interesting and amazing by choosing custom screenshot sizes. With some more development and improvements to this feature, you can easily replace other tools and third-party apps. This may stop us from depending on extra fitting to our PC.

Mick Jone 01 June 2022