How to Cast Videos to Roku from Your Phone onto Your TV?

I am facing some issue in how to cast videos to Roku from your phone onto your tv. I have no idea about that how to do that. Help me.

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Cast Videos to Roku from Your Phone onto Your TV -

The Roku-3, and now the 2015 Roku-2 let the Android and Windows-8.1 customers to imitate their devices to their TVs. Here is what you ought to understand for the set-up. Seeking an easy-going approach to allocating the videos, melody, or photos collected on your smartphone or supercomputer to your TV? Do you also have a Roku?

If so, you are in good luck. The Roku-3, Roku-Streaming Switch, and now the branded new Roku-2 (2015-model) boost the screen reflection. This lets the Android & Windows operators simply Cast videos to ROKU from your phone to your TV. Here is what you ought to understand to set it:

On Your Roku

You should first empower the screen-mirroring on the Roku gadget. This can be completed by going to Settings in the left map-reading bar, supported by the Screen-Mirroring.

On Android

Sooner Than jumping to right in, ensure that your Android mechanism is operating on version 4.4.2 or next. You can verify this by clicking on Settings and then on ‘About. Your gadget must also be linked to a similar system as your Roku. You can make sure that the group your Roku is linked to in the setup section of the settings ‘set menu.

To start mirroring on a normal Android gadget, clack on Settings, > clack on Display, go along by Cast Display. Then, use the Menu button in the top-right area of the screen and verify the Enable Wireless Presentation box. Now the videos appear in the Cast-Screen segment.

If it does not show off, back to the Settings and revive Cast-Screen. When you look at your Roku box or switch seem on the screen, just tap on it to fix it. Now no matter what you get on your mobile gadget is precisely what will be shown on your TV set.

Cast Videos to ROKU from Your Phone to Your TV Offline

You can cast list the transferred videos from your mobile phone to Android TV to watch over on your TV display.

  • Open-up the Files on your phone by Google.
  • Find the video that you like to show in the Browse tab.
  • Open-up the file, then use Cast.

If You have Trouble in Casting

Ensure that casting is facilitated on your television

  • Press Home on the remote.
  • At the top right, choose Settings on your TV.
  • Select Apps Under TV.
  • Choose Google Cast Headset Under the System-apps.
  • Verify that it is turned ON.
  • Attach your TV and device to a similar Wi-Fi net.

Connect Your TV and Device to the Same WiFi Network

  • Press Home on the remote & pick Settings at the top-right.
  • Select Network > Advanced > Network rank Under the ‘Network-&-Accessories’.
  • Get the Wi-Fi web name, registered after the Network name SSID. Ensure that it is consistent with the link on your gadget.

Casting to Roku is a fast approach to allocate the video from your mobile phone. The feature can be useful and spare you a small number of clicks on the Roku remote whilst there are a few constraints. Casting will be very a bit more rapidly on the heels of the preliminary set-up procedure.

Mike victor 15 October 2021