How to Find Movies and TV Shows Using Roku Search?

Hi Everyone, Please let me know how to find movies and tv Shows Using Roku Search? I don't know how to find it. I tried many times but unable to find it. Help me.

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Find Movies and TV Shows Using Roku Search

You can easily find anything to watch as you are available with several options such as the latest TV shows movies and cult classes. Roku Search allows you to search for more than 1,50,000 TV episodes and movies from top paid and free channels available on Roku.

All you have to search for the title of the TV show or a movie. You can also search by the name of the director or actor as well. You can also voice search or search through the Roku mobile application. 

Searching on Roku enables you to make a search on top channels for finding TV shows or movies, which are both free and paid. A number of results from top channels will appear in front of you together with their prices. 

Tip: You should look for the genre or TV show that you are interested in watching and not the latest releases or ones that are popular among people. The Roku search results will show up a large variety of content in genres like niche, international, sports, news, and comedy.

Use on-screen keyboards or your Smartphone’s keyboard for typing words and phrases in the Roku search bar or you can speak a word or phrase in a conversing tone using a voice search. 

Points to Remember:

  • You can use Roku search and type something or speak up something and find movies and tv shows using Roku search in the English language in the United States of America, Canada, and the United Kingdom. 

  • Channels that are covered in the search results may differ from region to region. Look for the Roku search partners. Although you may have to make a payment for having an access to a channel or in order to view certain content. 

Use On-screen Keyboard to Find Movies and TV Shows Using Roku Search:

Press the button of a home on the Roku remote. Go up and down using the navigation buttons and then go to search. Start entering the first few letters of the channel, director, actor, TV show, or movie and the Roku search results will show up in front of you. 

Once you are able to locate the TV channel or entertainment choice. Choose the entry to see the information including the options to see. In case you select a viewing option on a channel that you have not installed on your Roku device, then you will be asked to add another channel. 

Use Your Mobile Device to Find Movies and TV Shows Using Roku Search:

You can search on your tablet or smartphone and get access to the channels by opening up the free Roku mobile application. Open the Roku mobile applications and adhere to the instructions given below.

  • In order to take a look at a full list of search results, which includes the channels. Tap on What’s on by going to the bottom of the screen. If you only want to search channels and you only want channels to appear in the search results, then tap on channels and then go to the channel store. 

  • Get access to the search page. Go to the page of What’s on and then tap on the search icon that is placed on the top of the screen.

  • After that, the keyboard will open up in front of you. First, you need to type the initial letters of the movie, channel, director, actor, or TV show. When the entertainment choice you were looking for appears in front of you. 

  • If you wish to read news headlines from various news channels, then all you need to do is to enter today’s date which is 17 January. Although you need to make sure that there are spaces between the day and month to view the news results. Once again, 

  • If you select a viewing option on the channel, which is not installed on the Roku channel, then you will be asked to add that channel.

So, these are some of the steps that you need to follow to find movies and tv shows using the Roku search

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