How to Install and Activate BritBox on Roku?

Please let me know that how to install and activate BritBox on Roku. I am facing some issue in this while activating BritBox on Roku. Help me.

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Install and Activate BritBox on Roku:

Britbox is a paid streaming service created by BBC and ITV. It was introduced at the end of the year 2019. Alike Netflix and Amazon Prime Videos, Britbox is also the same. But the most content showed on Britbox is British movies and series.

It comprises excessively of British collection and has original UK based web series and production firms. Britbox is available in all kinds of hi-tech streaming devices such as- smartphones, tablets, computers, Apple TV, and Roku.

If you are a Roku user and want to install and activate Britbox on Roku, then the following are the stepwise guidelines that you must follow.

Specification of Britbox

  1. You can see the best shows on Britbox in relation to comedy, documentaries, biographies, dramas, mysteries, and other broadcasts.
  2. Shows from BBC and ITV such as exclusives and new shows.
  3. After airing on TV the shows are added on Britbox.
  4. You can simply cancel the subscription whenever you want to. Britbox Subscription Before activating Britbox on Roku it is very essential to have a subscription of it which costs £5.99 per month.

Amazingly, you will get the best high-defined picture quality that can be streamed on multiple screens. If are worried about the sort of services it provides, then you can go for the 7 day free trial to which you can leave.

How to Activate Britbox on Roku?

In the Roku channel, the Britbox is officially available and is very easy to install. Following are the steps for installation:

Step 1- Open Roku that is connected to the TV and move to Roku HomePage.

Step 2- Choose the streaming channel that will head you towards the Roku channel store.

Step 3- Select search and enter Britbox.

Step 4- Go to Britbox App from the search results and click on the add channel from the app information page.

Step 5- The app will start activating on the Roku device. Therefore, with the help of these easy steps, you will simply activate the Britbox on Roku device. Platforms where you can watch Britbox?

The Britbox App can be Watched and Installed on the Following Devices.

  1. Apple TV
  2. Select Samsung Smart TVs
  3. iPhone
  4. iPod touch
  5. iPad
  6. Android phones and tablets Will Bitbox replace Iplaer? It is rightly said by the BBC and the ITV that it won't have any effect on the BBC iplayer and the ITV hub operator in the future.

As the Britbox won't have access to the current services of shows. New programs are likely to be shown on Britbox when they have been made available on catch-up first.

Further, the British production houses will halt launching their original web shows on the streaming apps like Netflix and Amazon in order to attract viewers' attention to their UK channel Britbox. Though, the final decision will be taken by the BBC and ITV on this matter of affair.


Thus, the installation process to activate Britbox on Roku is very easy but one vital point to consider is that it is easily available for people residing in the UK and Canada. But anyway, people staying in other countries do not have to worry as you can use VPN to overcome geo-restrictions and take the benefits of the Britbox from anywhere around the world.

If you are an eager watcher of Britisher shoes and series, then it is time to activate Britbox on Roku. If you make any comparison with Netflix then, Britbox is more economical than these streaming apps.

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