How to Install and Activate Pluto TV on Roku?

Hello, Please let me know that how to install and activate Pluto TV on Roku. I am facing some issue in this while installing Pluto TV on Roku. Help me.

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Install and Activate Pluto TV on Roku

Pluto TV is an online streaming service platform that provides thousands of TV shows and movies for free. To use the feature of Pluto TV, you do not necessarily need to register, but registration will help you customize the experience. Pluto TV shares its compatibility with the Roku TV service.

So, if you are looking for the best way to get Pluto TV on your Roku TV device, then you need to follow a few steps. First, turn on your Roku TV and go to the home screen, click on the "search channels" menu, choose the search option, look for Pluto TV and choose it, click on the "add channel" on the next screen, and the Pluto TV will start downloading. Click on it for confirmation.

What is the Best Way to Get Pluto TV on Roku?

Installing the Pluto TV channel on any Roku device is possible. Please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Press the Home button on the Roku remote as soon as it turns on.

Step 2: Using the remote's navigation keys, highlight and select the Search/Search Channels menu.

Step 3: Select the Search option

Step 4: Using the screen keys, search the name of Pluto TV.

Step 5: From the search results, choose Pluto TV.

Step 6: Then, on the next screen, choose Add Channel.

Step 7: The download will take a few moments. Select OK on the confirmation pop-up.

How to Activate Pluto TV on Roku?

Step 1: Select Pluto TV at the bottom of the Channel Store.

Step 2: To start the channel, press OK on the remote.

Step 3: Log in to your account and write down the activation code when asked.

Step 4: Using a web browser on a PC, go to

Step 5: Activate Pluto TV on Roku

Step 6: Enter the activation code after selecting the device.

Step 7: When you enter the code correctly, the Roku screen will refresh. The Pluto TV Roku channel is now available.

How do You Cast Pluto TV to your Android Device?

Pluto TV content can be cast from a Roku device to an Android device. Enter the section to learn more.

  • Select Settings > Screen Mirroring > Screen Mirroring Mode > choose a mode on the Roku.

  • Go to Settings > Display or Display & Lights > Cast Screen > Roku device on your smartphone.
  • When you open the Pluto TV app, the video that is currently playing on your phone will appear on the screen.

How Does Pluto Tv Work?

Pluto Tv is an over-the-top (OTT) service. This means that, unlike other streaming services such as Netflix, it depends on the internet rather than dedicated lines or the air to deliver its content. Pluto differs from most services in terms of functionality because you don't have to create an account to use its premium features. Download it and have enjoyed it.

However, for a more personalized experience, it is recommended that you create an account. With an account, you can save a program and mark your favorite channels so you can pick up watching where you left off, even if you're on a different device.

There are no special internet requirements, but the firm recommends that a connection of at least 5Mbps will suffice. They emphasize, however, that a stable connection is essential to avoid playback problems.

Channels that are available on Pluto TV are listed below.

    • NBC
    • FOX Sports
    • Sky News
    • NASA TV
    • CBSN
    • Fuse TV
    • Pluto TV Action
    • Pluto TV Kids
    • Red Bull TV
    • ESPN
    • CNET

Pluto TV's features

    • Pluto TV supports the UK's most famous brands' binge-worthy live TV channels.
    • You won't have to deal with any additional charges, hidden fees, or even long-term contracts.
    • Pluto TV is better for news addicts because it has a lot of news channels.
    • Stream movies from significant tv stations and several other providers.


After following these basic steps, you will be able to watch all of your favorite TV shows, movies, and shows for FREE and at home with the best visual entertainment experience that Pluto TV on Roku has to offer.

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