How to Pair a Roku Remote or Reset It?

I am facing some issues while Pairing a Roku Remote or Reset it. I have no idea about that please suggest to me any idea.

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Pair a Roku Remote or Reset It:

A Roku player is the one that enables you to stream a plethora of movies and TV episodes on your TV. However, it's obvious that you won’t be able to play any content if there’s something wrong with your remote control.

If such is the case for you as well (trouble with your Roku remote), then you ought to learn how to pair a Roku remote Reset Roku remote. Not to mention that your remote type doesn’t matter.

Types of Roku Remote

There are two types of Roku remote controls: The standard infrared (IR) remote,

  • The enhanced “point anywhere” remote.
  • The one that demands a direct “line of sight” with the Roku player.

The one way to know if you have an IR remote is the absence of a pairing button in the battery compartment. Whereas, the enhanced remotes usually have a headphone jack, a microphone button, or other features.

Learn to Pair Your Roku IR Remote

Connect a Roku player to your TV set and a power source. This will help pair your Roku IR remote. Insert new batteries in the remote and press any button. The pairing process then starts, provided your remote is close enough to the player.

Step 1: Connect your Roku device to your TV and a power outlet.

Step 2: Then switch from your TV to the HDMI input of your Roku device. Clicking can do this on the Input or Source button on your TV or TV remote.

Step 3: Put batteries in your Roku remote.

Step 4: Press any button on the remote. This automatically enables your remote to pair with the Roku device. Not to mention that you must be in the line of sight of the Roku device (provided you are using an IR).

Learn to Pair your Roku Enhanced Remote

To connect your Roku device to an enhanced remote, put in new batteries in the remote. Then turn your Roku device on and point the remote towards your device.

This enables pairing. You will then see on-screen stimuli, preparing your remote for use.

Step 1: Switch on your TV and change it to the HDMI input of your Roku device. This can be done by clicking on the Input or Source button on your TV or TV remote.

Step 2: Eliminate the battery compartment only after replacing them. You can simply remove the batteries and put them back in case you don’t have replacement batteries.

Step 3: Point the remote close to the Roku device. This will automatically pair your remote to the Roku device.

Step 4: Let the pairing process get completed. A message then appears on your computer screen saying, “Pairing remote…”. Your remote will then get paired and ready to use.

If neither of the above methods helped you pair your Roku remote, then you might have to reset your remote. Scroll and know more-

Learn How to Reset an Enhanced Roku Remote -

Disconnect your Roku player to reset an enhanced Roku remote. Further, remove your batteries and reconnect your Roku player. Upon seeing the Roku logo on your screen, put the batteries back inside.

Then push the pairing button and wait till the completion of the pairing process.

  • Remove the Roku player from the power outlet.
  • Empty the batteries of the Roku remote.
  • Plugin your Roku player in about 5 seconds.
  • Replace the Roku batteries in your remote after reading the Roku logo on your screen.
  • Click and hold the pairing button in your battery compartment.
  • Let Roku complete the pairing process.


This article mentions all the ins and outs of learning to pair your Roku remote. Hope to have helped you most accurately!

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