How to Stop Autoplay Videos on Websites in Chrome?

Is there anyone who knows about how to stop autoplay videos on websites in Chrome browser. I am facing these issues while browsing websites. Help me.

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Stop Autoplay Videos on Websites in Chrome:

The autoplay option in different internet browsing applications is quite common but can be a bit annoying when you start witnessing the autoplay frequently. Friends, I also had been observing this autoplay while being on different web pages to prevent which I followed a sequence of steps successfully.

To stop autoplay videos on websites in Chrome you just have to go through and adhere to this quick user guide that can ultimately prove very useful.

Preventing Autoplay on Windows and Mac

Ideally, your Chrome browsing application doesn’t come with an automatic built-in mechanism to stop autoplay but you can install the Google Chrome Extension that can help you stop autoplay videos on websites in Chrome by following the series of steps mentioned below.

Step 1 - Simply launch your Google Chrome followed by going on to Chrome Web Store.

Step 2 - Now when you are navigating Chrome Web Store Search Bar, make a search for Auto Play Stopper.

Step 3 - While being on the extension page, just tap on “Add to Chrome” to finally install the AutoPlay Stopper extension therein.

Step 4 - When you find the Auto Play Stopper gets installed it will begin to appear in the Google Extension bar.

Step 5 - Now resort to clicking on Auto Play Stopper icon on the extensive menu to block the autoplay option on your Chrome.

Step 6 - In the next step, a different pop-up window will appear together with all the options. While navigating the multiple options find the “Disable Everywhere” option to finally block the autoplay of videos everywhere on any given website.

Step 7 - You can further go on to click on the “Settings” option in a bid to customize the Auto Play Stopper extension. The available options for “Settings” are “Autoplay” and “Flash”. As far as default mode is concerned, please note that the Autoplay will be categorized as “Block Autoplay” and that “Flash” will be set to “Allow Detection”.

Step 8 - Also, there is an added feature wherein if you wish not to stop autoplay videos on websites in Chrome and allow only a few selected sites to stop exhibiting autoplay then click on the “Exceptions” option followed by entering the websites.

Preventing Autoplay on Android and iOS

As far as autoplay on Android and iOS is concerned currently there is no such value-added features that can prevent autoplay on Android and iOS.

Closing Comments

Since the autoplay option exhausts a lot of bandwidth so by means of the functionality of “Auto Play Stopper” you can stop autoplay videos on websites in Chrome quite conveniently.

Mick Jone 01 September 2022