How to Stop Multiple Chrome Processes in Task Manager?

Please let me know how to stop multiple Chrome processes in the task manager. I am facing some issues while using it. Help me.

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Stop Multiple Chrome Processes in Task Manager:

Multiple Google Chrome processes running in the background can significantly slow down your computer. Changing the multiple process instances settings in Windows 10 is usually a quick fix. Another simple way to avoid having so many Chrome instances open is to manually stop all Chrome background processes.

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, and, as with any other program, opening multiple Chrome windows and tabs can have an effect on the browser's overall performance.

As a result, many users' Task Manager displays multiple Google Chrome processes. But why does Chrome create so many processes in Task Manager, frequently more than the number of tabs open? And this has a significant impact on performance, particularly on a low-configuration PC.

Why are There Multiple Processes in Task Manager for Chrome?

To improve performance, stability, and security, Google Chrome is designed to run multiple processes in the background. In addition, so every process is separated, so if one operation collides, the others will remain running without trying to disrupt the user.

Here are the Main Reasons Why Chrome has Multiple Processes:

- The Render process- It is responsible for rendering web pages in the browser.

- GPU Process - This process is in charge of graphic-intensive tasks like rendering 3D graphics or playing videos.

- Extension Procedure - Each Chrome extension installed follows its own procedure.

- Tab Process - In Chrome, each tab runs in its own process, preventing a single tab from crashing the entire browser.

So now you understand why there are multiple instances of Google Chrome in Task Manager. Follow the steps in the following section if you want to fix things.

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How can I Prevent Google Chrome from Running Multiple Processes at the Same Time?

1. Make Use of the Task Manager in Chrome.

  • To access the Task Manager, launch Google Chrome and press Shift + Esc.
  • Locate the process that you no longer want to run, select it, and then click the End process button.
  • To free up memory, terminate all non-critical processes.

Though not the most efficient method, manually terminating processes can be useful when you need to free up memory quickly when multiple Google Chrome processes are running. Stop Multiple Chrome Processes in Task Manager.

2. Turn off Chrome's Background Processes.

  • Launch Google Chrome, then enter the following path in the address bar:
  • chrome:/settings/system
  • Now, deactivate the option to Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed.
  • Disabling background apps may help if multiple processes are running in Google Chrome. Prevent potential Browser methods in Task Manager.

3. Modify the Google Chrome Settings

Select Residences from the dialog box when you right-click the Web Browser shortcut.

Next, in the Shortcut tab, go to the Target field and type the following after a space:

— process-per-site

To save the improvements and close the display, click Apply and OK.

4. Close any Additional Tabs

Our final suggestion for reducing the number of Chrome processes open is to open fewer tabs concurrently. The number of Google Chrome processes in the Task Manager increases as you open more tabs. Stop Multiple Chrome Processes in Task Manager.

5. Keep the Extensions to a Minimum.

  • Launch Chrome, hover the cursor over More tools, and then select Extensions.
  • Now, click the Remove button next to the extension you no longer use.
  • Click Remove once more in the confirmation prompt.
  • Remove any other extensions that you no longer use.
  • Once completed, you will no longer see multiple Google Chrome processes running. Their number should have decreased by now, freeing up system resources.

This is the final step in our list of fixes for multiple Google Chrome processes running in Windows 10/11.

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