How To Uninstall magicJack: A Complete magicJack Removal Guide?

I am facing some issues while Uninstall magicJack. If you know anything about how to uninstall magicJack. Then help me. I have no idea how to do that.

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Uninstall magicJack: A Complete magicJack Removal Guide

In the year 2007, you might have come across a TV commercial about a magic jack. A tiny plastic box that could replace home phone lines using the greatness of the internet.

With the rising demand for smartphones and different androids, telephones might have vanished, but these Magic Jacks are still around. The Magic Jack has now upgraded to new versions and has more to offer than ever.

What is a Magicjack?

It is a voice-over-internet protocol (VoIP) provider device. It provides the same services as your home phone does, but instead of an actual phone line; it uses internet services.

Initially, it started around in 2007, but now it has upgraded to a better version. One can make calls on the road while traveling and make calls on your home phones or smartphones.

It was difficult to uninstall the device during ancient times, but now the story is pretty different. It is now effortless to uninstall this device with little hassle.

So quickly jumping onto the topic, here are few simple steps to uninstall the device as per your operating system.

Uninstall magicJack in Windows 7

  • Firstly, start your operating system by clicking on start.
  • After your system has started, click on the control panel.
  • Look for the next option, which is to change to classic view.
  • After this, you will jump onto the new page to see Add/Remove Programs. Click on remove programs.

  • You will see an option, MagicJack; highlight it.
  • Click on uninstall, and this should be you are done.

Quite simple, right!

These were the steps for Windows XP. With these steps, you can uninstall Magicjack quickly and easily.

Now Windows XP, as we know, is an older version but worry not here are the steps.

Uninstall magicJack in Windows 10

  • You need to click on start and get ready with your operating system.
  • As soon as your computer starts, click on the control panel.
  • Now, click on the options and change the view to small icons.
  • You will reach a page with optional program features; click on that option.

  • You now have to highlight MagicJack.
  • Now, click on uninstall.

These steps are pretty beneficial for both Windows Vista and 7. This isn’t difficult either, and you can easily remove and uninstall Magicjack.

With the boom in the technological world, we now have many devices in the market. If you use a mac and require steps to uninstall your MagicJack device, we’ve got you covered. Here is a detailed step description for your mac as well.

Uninstall magicJack in Mac

  • The foremost thing you have to do is install a Complete Uninstall. Sh.
  • Once your installation or download is completed, open a terminal window by going to Utilities, terminal, or applications.
  • In the terminal window, you need to go to the downloads directory by simply typing CD downloads, then press enter.

  • After this, you need to type chmod+x and click on enter.
  • Now, type the following before you press enter again/

With this, you must complete the entire process of uninstalling Magicjack from your Mac. If you face some issues, then you can magic jack customer support for further help.


Although people using MagicJack are pretty sorted and face minor problems while uninstalling. However, if you face issues while uninstalling a magic jack, you completely follow the above procedures.

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