How to Use Instagram on Roku?

Please let me know that how to use Instagram on Roku device. I am facing some issues while using it. If you know something then help me.

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Use Instagram on Roku:

One of the most impressive aspects of social media is how easily it changes. If you use Instagram to influence others, keep up with the latest trends, entertain yourself, or want to see what your friends are up to, there is always something new to learn to improve your social media experience. Did you know that using a streaming player to browse your Instagram feed is more immersive and adventurous.

Roku, for instance, is a well-known streaming player in the entertainment industry, and it is lauded for its ability to accommodate a range of applications, including social media platforms like Instagram. You can add your favorite Roku applications and stream your favorite content directly, whether it reels, IGTV videos, stories, or highlights.

Roku, on the other hand, does not have an Instagram app. This does not rule out the possibility of using Instagram on Roku. Screen mirroring is the easiest and only way to use Instagram on Roku.

How can I Enable Screen Mirroring on my Roku Device?

You must have the screen mirroring option activated to mirror your Instagram app to Roku successfully. To do so seamlessly, make sure Roku and your mirroring system are connected to the same Wi-Fi network and that the Wi-Fi connection is secure enough to make the process go smoothly. Once this is in order, you need to;

Step 1: Scroll downwards on the Roku Home Screen before you reach the Settings tab.

Step 2: Select 'Settings and look for the option to mirror your screen.

Step 3: Select ‘screen mirroring mode' after clicking on screen mirroring.

Step 4: Choose between ‘Prompt' and ‘Always allow.'

How to Screen Mirror Instagram to Roku From your Android Smartphone or Tablet

If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, the first thing you can do is turn on the screen mirroring feature.

  • To do so, open the Android settings app and go to the connections and sharing page. After that, you can activate the toggle button by tapping on the cast option.
  • After that, you'll need to screen mirror the Instagram app from your smartphone to Roku. To do this;
  • Pick the cast option shown on your Android screen by pulling the notification tray downwards.

  • Pick your Roku device name from the devices list and wait for your device to begin the mirroring process.
  • Finally, open the Instagram app on your Roku and start streaming any Reels, IGTV videos, or story highlights that you want to see.

How to Screen Mirror Instagram to Roku from your iOS Device

Do you have an iPhone or iPad and want to screen mirror Instagram to your Roku? You'd have to use a screen-mirroring app for that. However, you can download iStreamer for Roku from the Apple app store, a screen-mirroring app.

One of the best screen mirroring applications for iOS users is iStreamer for Roku. It's simple to set up and allows you to connect all of your screens and share them over a wireless network. It enables you to control your TV, PC, or MAC from your iPhone or iPad. After you've installed and launched the Streamer app on your smartphone, you should do the following:

  • Open the iStreamer for the Roku app.
  • Begin the connection process with your Roku device after the app asks for your Roku device's installation.
  • Click on the screen mirroring choice when it appears on your screen, then screen your iOS display.
  • Open the Instagram app on your Roku-connected TV and start streaming your favorite stuff.

How to Screen Mirror Instagram to Roku from Your Windows Device

If you have a laptop with the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, you might have thought about screen mirroring it to your Roku to browse your Instagram feed. You'll need to use the Chrome browser in this situation. As a result, you should;

To log in to your Instagram account, open the Google Chrome browser on your smartphone and enter your details.

  • Pick the ‘connect' option from the notification icon that appears at the bottom of your taskbar.
  • A list of all the devices linked to the same Wi-Fi network and ready to cast should appear on your screen. When this happens, go to your Roku device and pick it.
  • Your Roku-connected TV will then view your Windows screen.
  • Start showing your timeline and favorite content on your TV screen by opening the Instagram app.


You can only use screen mirroring to search through your favorite content on your Roku-connected TV before Roku allows you to install the native Instagram app directly.

Open Answer 18 September 2023

Roku does not provide for a dedicated app but it has certain enabling features that can allow you to access Instagram on Roku. This quick guide is here with a few new and different ways to help you watch Roku Instagram quite easily.

Benefits that Can be availed by Enabling Instagram on Roku 

Roku has the technical ability to allow streaming Instagram by making the clients’ function more effortless by providing Screen Mirroring. So, by enabling this you can stream reels and videos, and watch posts seamlessly to harness the best on Instagram Roku.   

Roku-based Instagram Screen Mirroring on Windows 

Step 1 - In a bid to enable Instagram on Roku you first have to open an updated internet browser and must continue logging in to your Instagram account. 

Step 2 - As soon as you see a notification on your taskbar you ought to click on the “Connect” option displayed in such notification.

Step 3 - Consequently, all integrated devices will start appearing on the screen followed by clicking on the “Cast” option which will eventually enable the Roku Instagram account going forward.

Instagram Roku via Screen Mirroring on iOS 

Step 1 - Go to “Home Section” in Roku followed by clicking on “Streaming Channels”. Thereafter, continue clicking on “Search Channel”.

Step 2 - Here you have to search for the “Mirror for Roku” option followed by clicking on the “Add Channel” button.

Step 3 - Now install Instagram so that you can watch reels, videos, and, posts of Instagram on Roku.

Step 4 - After you have installed the Roku Instagram from the prescribed app you must now choose your Roku device to facilitate Screen Mirroring. Consequently, you can open the Instagram app to stream videos.

A simple way to Stream Instagram on Android

Step 1 - First you should begin by opening the Play Store followed by downloading Instagram.

Step 2 - Now enable “Screen Mirror Mode” in a bid to facilitate the Instagram Roku on Android.

Step 3 - Continue opening the “Settings” panel on Android followed by clicking on “Connections” after which you have to toggle up the “Cast” switch going forward.

Step 4 - Now make a search for a Roku device and as it gets displayed just enable Screen Mirroring that would eventually accomplish the task of installation of Instagram on Roku.

Step 5 - Once the Screen Mirroring materializes, just launch the Instagram app from Roku and start utilizing the same for watching reels, posts, and videos.

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