What is Wave Browser & How to Remove it from Your PC?

Is there anyone who knows about what is Wave browser & how to remove it from Your PC. I am facing some issues while removing it to my pc. Help me.

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Wave Browser & How to Remove it from Your PC:

Wave browser is one of the questionable internet browsing applications that gets loaded on your computer using the file bundling technique but since its inception, people have been raising concerns as it suffers from the automatic exhibition of advertisements and the deliberate ways of data collection using forced cookies.

Friends, I recently got to deal with the extremely unwanted Wave Browser as it landed on my computer automatically. I removed the Wave browser from my desktop by adhering to some sequential set of steps that you can perform as well to do away with the unwanted Wave browser.

In this context, I take this opportunity to share this quick user guide that entails the correct procedure to deal with the “Wave browser & How to remove it from your PC”. So just check this out for finding an easy way out to actually address the “Wave Browser & How to remove it from your PC” issue.

Removing the Wave Browser from Your Computer by Utilizing the Functionality of the Control Panel

Step 1 - To begin, you just have to click on the “search bar” by clicking on the “Magnifying Glass” resembling icon followed by typing in “Control Panel” and selecting the topmost icon when the result gets displayed.

Step 2 - What will follow next is the enlisting of “Programs and Features” wherein you have to select the “Programs” option.

Step 3 - Navigate further to find the “Wave Browser” followed by clicking on the “Uninstall” option being displayed on the front toolbar within the dialogue box.

Step 4 - In a bid to ensure that no Wave-related window is opened, just press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC keys together followed by clicking on the “Details” tab.

Step 5 - Search further to find any pending or operational Wave process and cause such opened windows to close by clicking on the “End Task” button.

Removing the Wave Browser from the “Settings App” Option with a View to Resolve the “Wave Browser & How to Remove It from Your PC” Issue

Step 1 - Here you just have to go on to press and hold the “Windows + I” button simultaneously.

Step 2 - Now navigate to find and click the leftward menu to find the “Apps” option followed by clicking on it subsequently.

Step 3 - Now while navigating under the “Apps” heading click on the “Apps and Features” option.

Step 4 - After clicking on the “Apps and Features” option type in the name of “Wave Browser” followed by clicking on three vertical dots to cause the Wave browser to uninstall.

Step 5 - After you have clicked on the “Uninstall” option, just press the CTRL+SHIFT+ESC to check for any opened or pending Wave window or process. If you find any opened windows in the list that eventually get displayed, just click on the relevant Wave processes that are running and then click on “End Task” to finally close the Wave windows and processes.

Removing the Wave Browser Using a Third-Party Application in a Bid to Resolve the “Wave Browser & How to Remove It from Your PC” Issue 

To accelerate the process of finding the junk applications and then removing the same we would like to recommend using a third-party application “CCleaner” that can easily remove the Wave application from your computer.

Step 1 - Initially, you just have to download followed by installing the CCleaner application.

Step 2 - Now you have to launch the application and in the dialogue box that gets opened, you have to search for the “Tools” section that is visible on the left-ward menu.

Step 3 - Then click on the “Uninstall” button followed by searching and identifying the “Wave Browser”.

Step 4 - Finally, click on the Wave browser icon followed by pressing the “Uninstall” button.

We recommend that if you wish to remove the Wave browser then creating the backup of removed files using the “Registry” option is not worthwhile. But if you do need a back up then follow the process mentioned hereunder.

Step 1 - Go to the “Registry” section.

Step 2 - Now click “Scan for Issues”.

Step 3 - Now verify the data and tick the checkboxes pertaining to the entries found for the Wave browser in the “Registry” section.   

Mick Jone 29 August 2022