How to Allow or Block Pop-ups in Safari Mac Computer?

Is there anyone who knows about how to allow or block pop-ups in Safari Mac computer. I am facing some issues while using it. Help me.

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Allow or Block Pop-ups in Safari Mac Computer:

Computer users often notice pop-ups when they are working on the computer. These pop-ups can be useful or redundant either, but are actually considered a bit distracting especially when you are performing some important work on your Safari Mac computer and a pop-up becomes visible all of a sudden.

Friends, I also was very annoyed of late due to multiple pop-ups that I kept observing on my Safari Mac which I was able to block by following a few easy steps on Safari Mac.

You too can allow or block pop-ups on Safari Mac computer for one single website or for all websites simply by tweaking some settings on the Preferences option on your Safari Mac which are discussed here in detail vide this quick reference guide.

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Blocking Pop-ups on One Single Website will Take a Few Minutes, So Just Adhere to the Process Discussed Hereunder.

Step 1 - Go on to open the Safari application on your Mac.

Step 2 - Now choose Safari followed by clicking on Preferences and then on the Websites tab being displayed on the top panel.

Step 3 - On the panel shown leftwards find “Pop-up Windows”. In case you don’t see it primarily, simply scroll down finally up to the bottom of the left panel.

Step 4 - After you have clicked on “Pop-up Windows” you can click on the “Block, Allow or Block and Notify” option persistently shown against the names of all the websites.

By doing this you can at your discretion allow or block the sites you want to prevent from sending pop-up messages.

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You can also Allow or Block Pop-ups in Safari Mac Computer for All the Websites by Following a Slightly Different Process Discussed Here Under.

Step 1 - Again restart to launching the Safari App on the Mac.

Step 2- Here select Safari and then subsequently click on Preferences followed by clicking on the Websites tab being displayed just above the middle of the dialogue box.

Step 3 - Now on the left side toolbar navigate and find Pop-up Windows. You must also scroll down to the bottom in a scenario where you don’t find Pop-up Windows in the middle.

Step 4 - Search for the Configured Websites just below the individual websites in the dialogue box that gets opened. Now you must block all the websites by selecting the Block option.

You may also remove the websites by pressing the Remove option shown on the bottom left corner of the same dialogue box. This will have the result in blocking pop-ups from all the websites.

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You must also remove or block pop-ups by clicking and seeing the status of pop-up messages by clicking on “When visiting other websites” tab.

If even after executing the steps mentioned above, you continue to see the pop-up then it could be because of the unwanted software running on your Safari Mac that may be facilitating the transmission of pop-up messages on your computer screen.

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