How to Access Yahoo Mail in Gmail

Is there anyone who knows how to access Yahoo Mail in gmail. I am facing some issues while trying to access Yahoo in Gmail. Help me.

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Access Yahoo Mail in Gmail:

In this article, you will learn how to get Yahoo Mail on Gmail and Gmailify. If you want, you can send messages using your Yahoo email address. For this, you need to sync Yahoo mail with Gmail. 

How can I Get Yahoo Emails on Gmail?

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to send and receive messages from your Yahoo Mail account. 

Step 1: On Gmail, go to the Settings icon and then select the option of See all messages.


Step 2: Choose the option of Accounts and Import.


Step 3: Go to the section Check mail from other accounts and then select the option of Add a mail account.


Step 4: Go to the text box of your email address, enter your Yahoo mail address, and then click on Next.


Step 5: Click on link accounts with Gmailify and then select Next.


Step 6: Go to the Yahoo mail login screen and then enter your username and password. Adjust permissions and then click on Agree.


Step 7: Now, go to the window of you have been Gmaiified and then click on Close.


Step 8: Go to Gmail, select Settings, and then click on Accounts and Import to check that the settings are configured as intended. Gmail gives a response to all the messages from your Gmail address by default. If you wish to change this setting, then go to the section of Send Mail As. After that, choose the option of Reply from the same address to the message that was sent.


Step 9: Go back to the screen at any time to unblinking your Yahoo mail account. After that, you must choose to unlink next to your Yahoo mail address.


Step 10: Go to the next window and then delete or keep imported mail from the Yahoo mail account. Select the option you want and then complete the process by selecting unlink.

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