How to Add a New Mail Sound for Gmail?

Please let me know that how to add a new mail sound for Gmail? I am facing some issues in this. Hep me.

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Add a New Mail Sound for Gmail:

Using the Notifier for Gmail Chrome extension, this article demonstrates how to activate Gmail sound notifications. It contains instructions on making sound alerts and pop-up notifications available for Gmail and other email providers respectively.

How to Make a New Gmail Mail Sound Available

You may change the sound of your emails when using Gmail in your desktop computer browser, simply not in Gmail itself.

You need to install a third-party tool like Notifier for Gmail (a Chrome extension), as Gmail does not support transmitting sound notifications over a web browser.

If you're utilizing the Chrome add a new mail aound for Gmail:

How to Turn on a Pop-Up Alert

Whenever you are signed in to Gmail and have it open in the browser, you may configure it to show a pop-up notification whenever new email messages are received in Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. Choose the Settings button in Gmail, choose See all settings, then go to General > Desktop Notifications to enable that feature. There is no sound to go along with the alert. 

Users of Mozilla Thunderbird can use a comparable procedure to modify the new mail alert noise.

Look someplace in the Settings or Options menu for other email clients. If your notification sound isn't in the appropriate audio format for the program, remember to utilize an audio file converter.


1 How can I Activate Gmail's Notification Sounds?

Open the Gmail app and select Menu > Settings > Your email > Email notifications to toggle the sound of Gmail notifications on and off. 

2 Can I Receive a Gmail Alert When a Particular Individual Emails Me?

No, but you can make High priority the only setting for your email notifications. When emails from particular senders arrive, you can label them as high priority to receive notifications, but you cannot set up various notifications on various senders.

3 How do I Set up Desktop Notifications for Gmail?

Go to options > See all options > General to receive Gmail notifications on your computer's desktop. Select the option under "Desktop Notifications" and click "Press here to enable desktop."

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