How to Block Someone on Yahoo Mail?

Please let me know how to block someone on Yahoo mail. I have no idea about this blocking someone on Yahoo. Help me if anyone knows.


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Block Someone on Yahoo Mail:

Imagine yourself getting annoyed by the repeated emails that you may be receiving from someone who may be trying to distract you by sending emails. To deal with such issues you may have earlier resorted to marking such emails as Spam which I think is not enough as you may not be able to get rid of such unwanted emails completely.

So, to “block someone on Yahoo Mail” the most ideal solution is to add the email of such a person in the “Blocked Addresses” section of your Yahoo account. Friends, I also kept receiving undesirable emails from one specific person for which I ultimately chose the option of adding that unwanted email in the “Block Address” section of my Yahoo mail in a bid to stop receiving such unwanted emails as a result of which I never received emails from such unwanted email address thereafter.

So, in this context, I would like to share the detailed user guide that tells how to “block someone on Yahoo Mail” completely with the view to stop receiving emails from such unwanted email addresses further.

Step 1 - Simply begin by logging in to your Yahoo Account in a bid to enforce the “block someone on Yahoo Mail” concept. Please note that you must directly hop on to Step 3 if you already know the email address of the displeasing sender.

Step 2 - Continue opening the email of the unwanted sender followed by clicking at the top to select and copy the email address of such a sender.

Step 3 - Now click on the gear-resembling icon which is displayed on the top right corner of the screen followed by quick navigation of the menu list that gets opened with a view to find and click on the “Settings” option.  

Step 4 - As soon as you click on the “Settings” option a new window will get opened wherein you just have to click on the “Block Addresses” section shown on the panel leftwards.

Step 5 - Now paste the email address of such an unwanted person on the text field shown just adjacent to “Add an address” followed by pressing the “Block” button displayed towards the right.  

Step 6 - Finally, you just need to save the action of blocking the desired email address by clicking on the “Save” button and you will be able to cause the “block, someone, on Yahoo Mail” concept to materialize.

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