How to Fix AOL Email not Working Problems?

Please let me know that how to fix AOL email not working problems. I am facing some issues while trying to access it. If you know then help me.

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Fix AOL Email not Working Problems:

AOL is just among the many other emailing services available. Sending promotional emails to a long list of receivers can be really time-consuming. So instead businesses opt for email services which helps them prepare really good promotional emails and send them across their list of receivers. These mailing services are efficient and offer bundle services too.

For example, you could provide domain mails to your team to make sure everything is in sync with the company. Often mails from unknown individuals are rejected and sent to the trash but when the receiver knows your company’s name they can easily find you on the internet and see what your business is all about. 

There can be a wide variety of reasons because of which your AOL email can stop working. A few of them could be listed down below. 

  • Poor connectivity can cause your AOL mail to come to a halt. You must check your connection before troubleshooting. 
  • Forgetting the email or password is also a very common issue that can cause your AOL email to stop working. 
  • Server downtime can be another reason that your email might be facing an issue in logging in. 
  • An incompatible browser can also be the reason your AOL Email is not Working. 

Now to fix these issues, let’s take a look at a few solutions. 

1. General Troubleshooting:

If your AOL Email is not Working, you can follow some general guidelines to fix it. Here are a few tips you could primarily follow.

  • Check that your device is connected to a good network. If you’re doubtful, whether the speed of the network is good enough, do a quick test. 
  • Restart the browser. 
  • If you haven’t cleared the cache and cookies from the browser please do it. 
  • Enable the location for the site on your browser. 
  • Uninstall and then reinstall the browser. 
  • Lookup for any updates that might be pending. 

2. For Android:

If the AOL Email is not Working on your android phone follow the steps below.

  • Login to the on your android device and head to the incoming and ongoing settings.
  • Further under the Manual Settings option click on the IMAP account settings option. 
  • Enter and put 143 as the Port Field type. 
  • Click on Next and head to the SMTP preferences. 
  • Now in the SMTP server option type and 587 as Port filed. 
  • Save the AOL configuration and check if the issue is resolved. 

3. For iPad:

Since iPad works a bit different from the android version you could try the steps below. 

  • Open settings and go to the Mail, Contacts, and calendar option. 
  • Click on AOL email account and check if the details are correct. 
  • See if is available in the hostname, if not add it. 
  • Click on the SMTP option and make sure the primary server reads
  • Now check if the AOL email is working.

Just like technology fails us sometimes, similarly, the AOL emailing services can also glitch and stop working. When you first start using the mails provided by various emailing services, initial days can be hard due to end number of reasons. So in case, your AOL Email is not Working you can read ahead and find a solution for the probable technical glitch.

Mick Jone 15 December 2021