How to Fix Gmail is Not Working on iPhone Issue?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix Gmail is not working on the iPhone issue. I am facing some issues while using Gmail account. Help me.

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Fix Gmail is Not Working on iPhone Issue:

There are instances when you are entering correct login details but you are not able to access your Gmail account and probably coming across “Gmail is not working on iPhone” problem.

I encountered the same issue when my location got changed after which I came across that this issue may be because of a variety of reasons ranging from mismatch settings to a change in location of the user to the security concerns.

So, here is a quick fix for the “Gmail is not working on iPhone” problem by means of possible solutions mentioned hereunder in this regard.

Solution 1 - Checking Alerts from Gmail’s Website

Quite often when you are accessing your Gmail account on your iPhone, you may witness “Gmail is not working on iPhone” issue owing to using Gmail from the App. In such a scenario it is always advisable to open the internet browser from your iPhone and sign in using your internet browser.

Subsequently, navigate to find the alert menu and check you have received alerts in the likes of “Someone has your password” or “We blocked a sign-in attempt”. If you have received such alerts then communicate with the Gmail team to fix the same.

Solution 2 - Reviewing “Your Devices” segment on Google’s Security Page

Many a time any hacking attempt may have possibly hindered the Gmail access in the form of the “Gmail is not working on iPhone” problem. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to fix this up.

Step 1 - Access the web page or open your Gmail account and click on the “Security” tab.

Step 2 - Now check “Security Issues Fund” followed by clicking on the “Your Devices” option to ascertain whether has there been any hacking attempt.   

Step 3 - Now trace “That was me” option and click on it.

Solution 3 – Resetting the CAPTCHA

Resetting the CAPTCHA is a big boon for fixing many of Gmail-related issues. Most of Gmail users are not aware of adding CAPTCHA to their respective Gmail accounts. It is probably one of the most significant steps to improve the security of your Gmail account.

It can be done by going on to the Gmail CAPTCHA reset page and permitting access on clicking Continue. This way bots or programs trying to breach the security considerations will get curtailed down.

Solution 4 - Enabling the IMAP Option

On various occasions, you may not be able to access the Gmail account on your iPhone due to lackluster IMAP settings. Due to this problem, you might not be able to receive emails in your inbox. So, to fix this up, follow the procedure given hereunder.

Step 1 - Sign in to your Gmail account.

Step 2 - Go to Settings followed by clicking on to Forwarding POP/IMAP option.

Step 3 – Then click on the Enable IMAP radio button under the IMAP access heading.

Solution 5 – Removing and Reading your Gmail Account iPhone

Another fix for the “Gmail is not working on iPhone” problem is to remove and re-add the Gmail account from your iPhone. You can do this by simply following the step-by-step procedure mentioned below.

Step 1 - Go to the Settings option on your Gmail account.

Step 2 - Now go on to open the Mail option on the leftward tab and then choose your Gmail address.

Step 3 - Select the Delete option and click on “Delete from my iPhone”.

Step 4 - Go to Mail open under Settings.

Step 5 - Then choose Google mail services.

Step 6 - Finally add your login and password to the account.

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