How to Fix Outlook Not Receiving Emails But Can Send?

Is there anyone who knows about how to fix Outlook not receiving emails but can send. I am facing some issues while receiving email in Outlook. Help me.

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Outlook Not Receiving Emails But Can Send:

Microsoft Outlook has completely revolutionized professional communication. Now, with this email service, you can communicate with your clients and colleagues in a more convenient manner. It has different protection layers.

Moreover, it offers maximum security and reliability. Therefore, it is important to store and share important information through emails. You may encounter issues while using this email service. One of the common problems that users face while using this service is "Outlook email not working or Outlook is not receiving emails".

This problem is not permanent and can easily be resolved by applying the right solution. Here, we are going to discuss some solutions that can help you get rid of the "Outlook not receiving emails" problem. 

Why does not Encounter Outlook not Receiving Emails Error-

A lot of times, you don't get an email that other people send you on Outlook. So before you apply the solution, you need to know the exact cause of your problem.

Below, we have mentioned the possible causes of Outlook not receiving emails error. 

  • There can be some problems with the network connection. 
  • Incoming emails can get blocked because of firewall protection. 
  • There is a chance that Outlook is not synced. 
  • Outlook server is own
  • You can store emails in the junk or spam folder
  • Outlook plugin is causing this error
  • Malware problems may corrupt your data
  • Email profile corruption issues. 
  • Ineffective or poor email rules
  • Outlook has been set to offline

Solutions to Fix Outlook is not Receiving Emails Issue

Not receiving emails on Outlook can happen because of any version of Outlook. Below, we have stated some of the solutions that can help you get rid f this version of Outlook, regardless of the version you are using. 

Solution 1: Check the Junk folder of Outlook

Before you get started with your advanced troubleshooting, you must check the junk folder of your Outlook email account. There is a chance that Outlook has redirected your email to the spam or junk folder. 

Launch Outlook, then go to Actions and then finally select the Junk emails folder and then select it as a non-junk folder. Now, your email will get saved in your inbox and the new emails you receive will not go to the junk folder. This is the first thing that you need to do when your Outlook fails to receive emails. 

Solution 2: Check Space in the Inbox

The inbox of Outlook mail has a limit to storing emails. Once that limit exceeds, you cannot store more emails in your inbox. In order to cope with this email overflow, you need to clean your inbox first.

After that, delete the emails that you don't need anymore. Also, you can create a backup o your important information on the hard drive and then remove it from your Outlook inbox. 

In order to clean and empty your inbox, use the sweep feature that will allow you to remove emails from a specific email address. Just keep the latest messages that you received from the sender. Delete the emails that are older than 10 days. This is the best method to fix the "Outlook is not receiving emails but can send them" problem. 

Solution 3: Check the "Others" Folder 

The latest version of Outlook has two folders. These folders are "Focussed" and "Others". Outlook always sorts your emails as per priority. The emails that are less prioritized fall under the other category.

Sometimes, Outlook stores important emails in the other folder. Therefore, you must keep an eye n the others folder when you are receiving emails from a particular person. 

You can transfer emails from the Others folder to the Inbox folder using the Move feature. This will make sure that the emails from the moved email address will go to the focussed inbox folder. 

Solution 4: Check Your Blocked Addresses

When you block a user, you can't send or receive emails from that user. Hence, when you don't get an email from a particular user, you must check the list of blocked addresses in your Outlook and continue communicating with them. 

Step 1: Go to Settings and then select View all Outlook settings. 

Step 2: After that, select Mail and then go to junk email. 

Step 3: Select the "Blocked senders and domains" and then "Remove" address from there. 

Solution 5: Check Email Rules

Outlook gives you a chance to add rules to your emails. This will allow you to organize data in the way you like. However, sometimes these rules don't let you receive important emails.

To change these rules, you need to go to Settings, Mail, Rules, and then finally click on the trash icon in order to remove the rules that are causing problems. 

Solution 6: Clear All Accounts That are Connected

Outlook enables you to connect with 20 email accounts at once. If you have several accounts, then you may not receive emails from senders. Hence, you need to remove some or all of the accounts and only keep the account that you need right now.

For this, you are required to go to Accounts, Connected Accounts, and then finally go to Remove accounts that are no longer in use. 

Solution 7: Check Email Forwarding

In case you have turned on email forwarding in Outlook, your incoming messages will get forwarded to the accounts you select. Therefore, if you are not getting an email on Outlook, check the email address you have chosen for forwarding. 

Step 1: First of all, open Forwarding settings. 

Step 2: If you wish to disable forwarding, then uncheck the checkbox from enabling the forwarding option. 

Step 3: If you wish to store forwarded emails in Outlook, then choose the option of "keep a copy of forwarded messages".

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