How to Fix Outlook Search When It is Not Working?

Please let me know how to fix Outlook search when it is not working. I am facing these issues while using Outlook mail. Help me.


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Fix Outlook Search When It's Not Working

If you are among the users who use outlook every day at your workplace or at home then malfunctioning Outlook might irritate you. In this article, we will share a few common causes behind the malfunctioning of your outlook along with the troubleshooting solutions to apply on Outlook Search when it's not working.

Reasons you may blame for your Outlook search when It's not working.

  • The Outlook version is outdated
  • Corrupted Outlook profile
  • Malware attack
  • Outdated OS version
  • Employed faulty add-ins or extensions to your browser.

Troubleshooting Methods to Apply on your Outlook Search When It's Not Working?

You can try below troubleshooting methods for your Outlook search when it's not working.

Note: All the troubleshooting methods shared below apply to the 2010 to 2019 versions, including Outlook for Microsoft 365.

S#1: Try Updating Microsoft Office.

First, you need to check the available updates for your current Outlook version.

1. Check for the Updates Available in Outlook 2019, 2016, and 2013 on Windows OS.

  • Double Tap the icon to Launch Outlook
  • Hit "File" and Tap "Office Account" in the left panel
  • On the prompted screen under the "Product Information" Hit the "Office Updates" option to expand it
  • If you find the option "Enable updates" on the screen then Hit it
  • Tap "Update now".

2. Check for Updates Available for Outlook 2016 in MacOS.

  • Double Tap to Launch Outlook and Hit "Help"
  • Under Help, Hit "Check for Updates"
  • Now on your screen when you see "How would you like updates to be installed". Be sure to Hit the option "Automatically DownoDownloadInstall"
  • Hit Check for Updates.

S#2: Try Troubleshooting Outlook Indexing.

To fix indexing errors on different OS adhere to the below instructions given for Windows and MacOS.

1. Troubleshoot Indexing Errors for Outlook 2019 to 2010 on Windows OS and Outlook 2016 for MacOS.

  • Double tap to Launch Outlook and hit inside the search box to activate it
  • In the Settings group, pick Indexing Status from the Search Tools drop-down menu
  • Your screen will prompt a display message written "Outlook has finished indexing all of your items. 0 items remaining to be indexed"
  • If there are a few items left on your OS that needs to be indexed then wait for 5-6 minutes and try again till the items to be indexed become 0.

S#3 Try Repairing Outlook.

Repair or rebuild your Outlook for a different OS by adhering to the below instructions.

1. Instructions for Repairing Outlook 2019 to 2010 on Windows 10.

  • Shut down or close all the Microsoft Apps running on your Windows
  • Move to the Windows search box and type Apps and features
  • Tap and Pick "Apps and features" and then look for "Microsoft Office"  under it and Tap it
  • Hit Modify option displayed at the bottom
  • From the two options(Quick repair or Online repair) prompted on the screen choose any one option
  • Hit the Repair option.

Once the repair process is completed, Restart your Outlook.

2. Repairing Outlook for MacOS

  • Shut down or close all the Microsoft Apps running on your Windows
  • Keep a hold on the "Option key" for 3-5 seconds Tap the Outlook icon
  • Hit the database you want to rebuild on your MacOS and Select "Rebuild"
  • Restart Outlook after the completion of the process.

Final Words:

If you are among the users who don't know what to do with your Outlook Search when it's not working, Then we really hope that this article might help you and that now you might be able to operate your Outlook search perfectly.

If you are still facing problems with your Outlook search then you must reach out to Microsoft technical team, they might immediately prompt you with an effective solution to your problem.

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