How to Login to (Spectrum) Email Webmail and Reset Password?

Please let me know that how to login to (Spectrum) email webmail and reset password. I am facing some issues while login to charter email. Help me.

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Login to (Spectrum) Email Webmail and Reset Password:

Charter Communications offers unique email services under its brand name Spectrum. The much innovative mailing services come with a subscription package wherein any user can make up to seven email ids.

Friends, I also gave a try to Charter.Net’s emailing service using which I had a very enriching experience. Here is how you can also login to and continue availing of Spectrum's mailing services seamlessly.

Logging in to

Step 1 - Launch your internet browser, type, and press Enter. Alternatively, you can simply access the Spectrum webpage and resort to clicking on the Sign In option.

Step 2 - Now enter your ZipCode and click on Continue.

Step 3 - A new web page will get opened with the title on the page as “Enter your Sign-In Info”.

Step 4 - On the new page, simply trace the Username heading. Now enter the Username followed by punching in the password. Please do ensure that passwords are case sensitive, so enter the exact password that you may have put in at the time of Sign Up.

Step 5 - After you have entered the username and password just check the box embedded in the Captcha box.

Step 6 - Finally click on the Sign In button to access the Spectrum email service.

Creating Additional Email IDs

The Spectrum emailing service lets you make seven additional or secondary email IDs with limited access and all different users of these seven different email IDs can have separate email log-ins.

Just follow the process mentioned below to create an additional email ID.

Step 1 - Log in to Charter.Net. You can also log in to

Step 2 - Click on the My Account link which is displayed on top.

Step 3 - Now navigate to find all the usernames mapped on your Spectrum Email.  

Step 4 - Add User is the option on which you have to click. After clicking on the Add User option, just enter your details and agree to the terms and conditions.

Step 5 - Now click on “Create Username” A new standard user account will get displayed which you can change to another specific username of your choice.

Step 6 - All the Email IDs come with parental controls that can be altered by going to the My Account and Settings menu thereafter. This will have the result of creating different user IDs.

Resetting the Password of Your Spectrum Email ID

Spectrum emailing service also empowers its users to change, reset or recover their passwords whenever required.

Simply follow the steps given underneath to reset the password of your Spectrum Email ID.

Step 1 - Go to the login screen of your Spectrum Email and click on Forgot Username or Password.

Step 2 - On the next screen, you will see three different radio buttons with the name Get Username, Get Password, and Get Username and Password.

Step 3 - Now click Continue.

Step 4 - Now in order to reset the password, verify your ownership by clicking on the Alternative Email Address or the Phone Number option that you initially set at the time of registering your Spectrum Email Id.

Step 5 - Click on Continue.

Step 6 - Now you are bound to receive a verification code on the alternative email address or on phone number depending on the recovery option you select.

Step 7 - Now punch in the six-digit verification code that you have received.

Step 8 - Now you will have the option of creating a new password. So, set a new strong password to complete the password-resetting process accomplished.

Step 9 - Now login to using the new password.

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