How to Recover an Old Yahoo Mail Account?

Please let me know how to recover an old Yahoo mail account. I am trying to access my Old Yahoo mail id. But it's not login. Help me in recovering it.

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Recover an Old Yahoo Mail Account:

If your Yahoo account wasn't completely erased, you can reactivate it in one of two ways: Visit the Yahoo home page or log in using the sign-in assistant. Here is how to Recover an Old Yahoo Mail Account operates.

Reactivating Your Yahoo Account: Steps

Step 1: To reactivate your account from the Yahoo home page, follow these steps.

Step 2: Click Next after entering your Yahoo email address.

Step 3: A choice displays if your account may be retrieved. Select a rehabilitation approach (Text or Email).

Step 4: You were sent a verification code via text or email; input it.

Step 5: A prompt for creating a new password opens if the verification code was entered correctly. Select Keep changing the password.

Step 6: Click Continue once more.

It's possible that you'll be asked to confirm your account recovery settings. To edit, click the pencil, and to add accounts, click Add Email and Add Mobile No. If not, press It seems okay to continue.

How to Verify Whether Your Yahoo Mail Account Was Deleted

Step 1: In order to check if your Yahoo Mail account has been removed:

Step 2: Visit the website for Yahoo account recovery.

Step 3: Enter your Yahoo email address in the Email address or phone number field, next click Continue.

Step 4: You will receive the message Sorry, we don't recognize that email address and phone number if your account was removed.

How to Use Sign-in Helper to Reactivate Your Account

Step 1: In the event that you forget your Yahoo Mail password:

Step 2: Visit the website for Yahoo account recovery.

Step 3: In the Email address or phone number section, type your Yahoo mail address, after which click Continue.

Step 4: Pick a verification technique (Text or Email).

Step 5: Please enter the verification code you were sent by text or email.

If the verification code is properly entered, a new password creation screen appears. You can either choose I'll safeguard my account later if I know my password or choose to Continue to change my password.

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