How to Rename Your Hotmail To

Please let me know that how to rename Hotmail to I am facing some issues while trying to rename Hotmail name. If anyone knows then help me.

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Rename Your Hotmail To

In the current era of digital advancements that the world is witnessing companies are coming up with more innovative tech-based applications, and in this context, Microsoft too has launched a much more sophisticated version of Outlook that provides greater compatibility and an enriching user experience.  

The new version of Microsoft Outlook can enable you to have advanced security features, best in-class shield against spam, an advanced user interface, minimum exhibition of commercials or advertisements, a greater degree of compatibility while using Facebook or Twitter and more.

Watching these unique features, you may feel tempted to make a transition to the new Outlook from your existing MSN hotmail ID. So, here is how you can easily accomplish the step-by-step procedure discussed below to rename your Hotmail to

Step 1 - Operating Outlook.Com

1 Type on your internet browser.

2 Click on the Settings options displayed in the form of a gear icon on the top right side of the window.

3 Now click on More Mail Settings when the Settings option expands.

Step 2 - Managing your account

1 Now go to Options.

2 Under Options heading, you would see a complete list of possible configuration settings.

3 Click on “Rename your Email address”.

4 A small dialogue-box will get opened with “Rename your email address” as the heading. Type the email address that you are willing to change.

Step 3 - Segregating the reception of email in different folders

You will be receiving the emails in the name of your earlier Hotmail ID and the new Outlook email account as well. So you may decide on to receive the mails directed to your earlier MSN hotmail in your Outlook Inbox or in a new folder. So if you make a decision to have mails directed to your earlier MSN Hotmail Id in a different folder, you may follow following simple steps to finally get this done.

1 After your Outlook ID is set up, a window will pop-up, it will ask you for having a different folder besides Inbox for receiving mails being delivered to your earlier Hotmail Id in a different folder.

2 Click on “A New Folder” radio button if want your mails directed to your MSN Hotmail account in a new folder. Alternatively, you may choose to get all the mails in your Outlook Inbox by clicking on the radio button named “Your Inbox”.

3 Now click on “Done” to complete the process, which will help you rename your Hotmail to eventually.

Cyrus neal 25 November 2021
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