How to Schedule an Email in Outlook?

Please let me know how to schedule an email in Outlook? I am facing some issues while trying to do this. If anyone knows then help me.

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Schedule an Email in Outlook:

It is very common that while performing official tasks you come across assignments that entail sending emails at a pre-determined time in pursuit of fulfilling which you sometimes forget to send such emails on time owing to a variety of reasons ultimately leading to an undermining impact on the credibility of your official team responsible for establishing communications with clients and customers.

To overcome this issue of prospective mails getting skipped from being sent on time, you can easily look forward to scheduling an Email in Outlook by carrying out a few simple steps which are discussed here in detail by virtue of this refined user guide made available at your disposal.

Let us Schedule an Email in Outlook While Using the Web Version

In case you manage using the Outlook Web Version you can opt for the way prescribed therein to schedule an Email in Outlook.

So, just follow the process discussed hereunder to schedule an Email in Outlook going forward.

Step 1 - You can begin by launching the web browser and going on to open Outlook.

Step 2 - Just continue composing your preferred email followed by clicking the “Downward Arrow” shown alongside the “Send” button and then selecting the “Send Later” option.

Step 3 - Thereafter, just go configuring the desired date and time from the calendar that opens as to when you wish to send your email followed by tapping the “Send” button.

Please note that until the time of sending the email materializes your email will be shown in the “Draft” folder. Also, in a scenario where you change your mind and you decide not to send the already configured email at the desired time, you can press the “Cancel Send” button while viewing such draft email from the “Draft” folder.

Going on to Schedule an Email in Outlook via a Windows PC

Even on a Windows PC, you can go about scheduling an Email in Outlook by adhering to the simple process discussed here.

Step 1 - Just initiate the process by opening Outlook followed by composing your desired Email on the Outlook Email Composing Window.

Step 2 - Now tap the “Delay Delivery” button once you are on the pane that gets opened after you click on the “Options” menu.

Step 3 - Consequently, you will see a new window wherein you have to find and mark the “Do not deliver before” check box followed by setting the date and time using the date and time drop-down boxes reflected just adjacent to the “Do not deliver before” option.  

Step 4 - Now close the window and click on the “Send” option to let Outlook send the desired Email as expected.

You can Schedule an Email in Outlook Using your Mac Device 

It is worthwhile to discuss that you can successfully use Outlook on your Mac device to prefer scheduling the email that you wish to send at a later time by following the process enunciated hereunder.

Step 1 - Just as usual, launch your Outlook application and continue writing your Email on the window.

Step 2 - Now prefer tapping on the “Send” option that resembles an arrow and continues choosing the “Send Later” option.

Step 3 - The next thing that you should continue doing is actually setting the date and time as to when you like to send the given email followed by executing the action of clicking the “Send” button.

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