How to Set Up an Email Signature in AOL Mail?

Is there anyone who knows how to set up an email Signature in AOL mail. I am facing some issues while setting the signature in AOL. Help me.


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Set Up an Email Signature in AOL mail:

If you wish to learn how to set up an email signature in AOL Mail and how to change the signature in the mail, then read ahead. You will always see the signatures at the end of the messages you send. 

How can I Set up an Email Signature in AOL?

Below are the steps that you are required to follow in order to set up signatures in AOL. 

Step 1: First of all, you need to go to Options and then select Mail settings given at the top-right corner of your AOL Mail. 

Step 2: Select the compose option given at the left. Now, choose the option of Use Signature under Signature. 

Step 3: Enter the desired signature by going to the text area. Use the toolbar options to format the text, embed links and adjust the fonts. 

Step 4: Choose the option of Save Settings and then close the window of Mail Settings. 

What do You mean by AOL Email Signature?

The signature you see at the end of your email is extremely useful for promoting your business and marketing your brand. You can also use it to promote your blog or provide contact details.

Email signatures generally have your name, a link, and important contact information. Also, it has poetries, social media icons, and witty quotes. 

Tips for AOI Mail Signature 

Email signatures have different kinds of information. This will help you learn what to focus on so the recipient does not get overwhelmed.  

  • The signature should not be longer than 5 lines of text. 
  • Use a bar for separating elements in your address. 
  • In case the signature is for business, then you must include the website, contact information and full address of the company. 
  • When required, include the URL of Facebook and other links of social media. 
  • Use your email address to market the business. 
  • Include the standard signature delimiter. 
  • Your personal email signature should include a quotation or social networking information. 

So, this is how you set p email signature in AOL Mail. 

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