Why am I not Receiving Emails on Outlook?

Please let me know that why am i not receiving emails on Outlook. I have no idea about this. If anyone knows then help me.

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Not Receiving Emails on Outlook: Fix

Most people rely entirely on email for both business and personal communications. That's why it's such a disaster when Outlook fails to function in seemingly insignificant ways, such as not receiving email.

If you've been expecting an email message and it hasn't arrived, here are seven of the best ways to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. If you follow the steps below, you'll be receiving an email in no time.

Let’s Get into 7 Fixes, 7 Fixes are as Follows:-

1. Examine Outlook's Junk Folder

Microsoft Outlook includes a spam-filtering feature that directs unwanted and suspicious emails to the Junk folder. Because this folder is distinct from your inbox, if you're not receiving emails, Outlook may be misdirecting them here.

Fortunately, returning those emails to the inbox is simple. You can also instruct Outlook to never mark emails from that specific sender as spam again in the future. To do it yourself, follow these steps:

  • Start Outlook and visit the Junk folder on the left sidebar.
  • If you found the email you were looking for, right-click on it and select Junk, then Not Junk.
  • Before moving the email back to the inbox, Outlook will ask if you want to always trust emails from that sender. If this is the case, check the box and then click OK.

2. Modify Your Email Sorting Preferences

Another reason you may not be receiving emails in Outlook is due to your Outlook workflow practices. Outlook allows you to sort your emails in a variety of ways. If you configure these sorting options to not display your most recent emails at the top, your newly received emails may be mixed in with other messages.

This may give the impression that you are not receiving emails in Outlook at all.

Changing the email sorting order in Outlook is a quick and easy fix. To accomplish this:

  • To the left of Outlook, click Inbox.
  • Choose the Date option by tapping upon that sort by text button.
  • Choose Newest on Top at the bottom of the menu. You can also change the sort order by clicking the arrow icon next to the sort selection.
  • Select Newest on Top from the bottom of the menu. You can also change the sort direction by clicking the arrow icon next to the sort selection.

This fix will be beneficial if you are not receiving emails on Outlook.

3. Turn off Outlook's Offline Mode.

One of our favorite Microsoft Outlook features is the Work Offline option, which allows you to disconnect from the server when you don't want to receive new emails.

4. Verify That the Sender is not on Your Block List.

Outlook allows you to keep a list of blocked addresses, which are people from whom you do not want to receive emails. Perhaps a trusted email sender made it onto this list. Their emails are being rejected, and it appears that Outlook is unable to receive them.

If this is the case, clearing the sender from the blocked list should resolve the problem. If Outlook stopped accepting emails from people you know:

  • Click on the Junk from the Home tab at the top of Outlook.
  • In the newly opened menu, select Junk E-mail Options.
  • Outlook App Junk Email Options
  • Click the Blocked Recipients tab to see a list of individuals who you've blocked in Outlook.
  • If the person from whom you expect an email is on this list, click on their name and choose Remove. This will unblock them and allow you to receive their emails again.

5. Examine Outlook Rules

Many email-related tasks are automated by Outlook rules. If you're unsure about anything other than the fact that you can't receive emails in Outlook, you should look into the rules. Check that no such rule exists, as described above—if you find one, disable it to resolve the issue.

6. Delete Outlook's Cache

To improve performance, Outlook, like most applications, helps in saving cache files on your PC. These files, whether overwhelming or corrupted, may sometimes be the cause of Outlook not receiving emails, so managing them is one of the best Outlook troubleshooting solutions.

7. Create a Fresh Outlook Profile

If you're still not receiving new emails in Outlook after trying the steps above, there could be a problem with your Outlook profile. Outlook profiles can occasionally become corrupt.

This fix will be most beneficial if you are not receiving emails on Outlook.

Steffan 20 January 2023
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