Why Gmail not Syncing with Outlook? Fix It Now

Please let me know that why Gmail not syncing with Outlook. I am facing some issues while using Gmail mail. If anyone knows then help me.

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Fix Gmail not Syncing with Outlook:

Are you experiencing Gmail and Outlook sync failure? This one problem has many faces. Sometimes, people fail to sync their data and there are users who experience issues in the entire synchronization process.

If you are not able to sync gmail account settings, move emails, delete emails, or import Gmail contacts, then you must know what kind of troubleshooting works for you. Here, we are available with multiple methods that can help you fix this problem. So, let's read these solutions one by one. 

How can I Fix Gmail is Not Syncing with Outlook?

Solution 1: Outdated Google Sync Services

Google calendar sync and Google sync are the two main services provided by Google to sync Gmail data with Outlook. However, this service is not available for Outlook and Gmail users as Google discontinued these services in the year 2012.

So, if you are using the free syncing feature, then you will face the same problem. If you use premium syncing services, then you will not face this error. This is one of the major reasons that leads to Gmail not syncing data with Outlook problem. 

Solution 2: Remove and Re-add Gmail on Outlook 

Below are the steps that you need to follow in order to remove and re-add Gmail Outlook. 

Step 1: First of all, open Outlook. 

Step 2: Select File, Account, social settings and then finally go to Account Settings. 

Step 3: After that, choose your Gmail account and then select Remove. 

Step 4: This will remove your Gmail account. 

Step 5: Now, to re-add, go to File and then select Add account. 

Step 6: After that, you can either enter your gmail account email address and password for automatic setup. Alternatively, you can choose "Manually configure server settings" in order to configure Gmail server setting manually. 

Step 7: Then, you are required to enter Gmail IMAP and POP settings. 

Solution 3: Check IMAP and POP Server Settings

It is necessary for you to add the right Gmail settings when you re-add Gmail to MS Outlook. If you don't enter the right settings, then this can become the cause of Gmail not syncing with Outlook. 

Solution 4: Check Your Internet Connection

If there is a network connection problem, then Google won't sync or work with MS Outlook. Therefore, you need to ensure that there is a stable internet connection that provides enough speed. Hence, you should check network settings on your device as unstable internet can cause problems in the syncing process.  

As mentioned earlier, the free syncing features of Google are not available to the users anymore. Hence, rather than wasting time on Google sync or Calender sync, you must upgrade the apps account on Google that has the syncing tools. Moreover, you have an option to sync Gmail on Outlook through IMAP but it is advisable to use the premium Google account. 

Solution 5: Involve in Campaigns

Both Outlook and Google have forum platforms where people across the world share their problems and acquire solutions to fix those problems through other users. You can find the best troubleshooting solutions from these platforms. Hence, it is recommended to join these forum platforms run by Microsoft and Google.

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